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Why I Switched to Organic Whole Milk by Tori Avey

Why I Switched to Whole Organic Milk

I’ve switched to whole organic milk for my family, based on several recent scientific studies. My thoughts on the subject. Read More

Food Trend for 2013 - Fermentation

Food Trend for 2013 – Fermentation

Learn about the history of food fermentation and how the process can be applied to preserve foods in your kitchen today. Read More

Cheese - The New Health Food?

Cheese – The New Health Food?

Is cheese good for you? Two recent studies suggest that cheese may be healthier for us than previously thought. Are you celebrating, or skeptical? Read More

Soda Ban

To Big Gulp, or Not to Big Gulp?

Proposed legislation in New York & California is aimed at banning certain soda sales due to the rise in obesity. Is it the right move? You decide Read More

Foie Gras

The Great Foie Gras Debate

A new California law bans the use of foie gras. Learn the Jewish history of foie gras and the natural alternative to force-feeding geese. Read More


Saffron – A New Path for Afghan Farmers

The cultivation of a rare and precious spice – saffron – offers Afghan farmers a legal alternative to illegal opium poppy farming. Read More


Salt – Friend or Foe?

Do we know the truth about salt? A New York Times article questions the prevailing wisdom on cutting salt to lower blood pressure & stay healthy. Read More


Do Happy Animals Produce Better Food?

Does animal welfare impact food quality? Learn if free range, cage free, pastured eggs, dairy & grass fed beef are worth the extra expense. Read More

Culinary Staycation Thailand

Planning a Culinary Staycation

Food travel on a budget – can’t afford a Culinary Vacation? Plan a Culinary Staycation featuring the exotic foods and flavors of foreign lands. Read More


The Great Truffle Debate

Truffles are the most expensive food in the world, worth their weight in gold because of their scarcity. Are truffles really worth all this fuss? Read More

Gershwin Bros Horizontal Crop

Gershwin’s Roly Poly Lyrics

Composers and lyricists use dummy lyrics as placeholders. Here are George and Ira Gershwin’s silly food lyrics for their hit song “I Got Rhythm.” Read More

Pieter Claesz

The History of Food

Expanding my horizons to explore the history of food. Read More

Emma Lazarus cropped

Emma Lazarus

In honor of our upcoming Independence Day weekend, I’d like to share with you a piece of writing by Jewish poet Emma Lazarus (1849-1887). Her poem “The New Colossus” is engraved on the Statue of Liberty, which became the symbol … Read More