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The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals

Read about and win Ann and Jeff Vandermeer’s “Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals” by discussing which mythological fantasy creatures are kosher. Read More

Dreidels 1

Candy Dreidels

Learn to adorable edible candy dreidels for Hanukkah with your kids using kosher marshmallows, Nutella, pretzels and gel icing! Family, crafts. Read More

Kosher Nation Cover cropped

Book Review: Kosher Nation

The dietary laws found in the Torah have influenced the way Jews eat since Biblical times. These laws, known as kashrut, are the Biblical mandates required for making food kosher, or ritually pure for Jewish consumption. The degree to which … Read More

10 commandments

Ten Commandments of Jewish Cooking

Thou shalt not fear the schmaltz, and other tidbits of Jewish kitchen wisdom. Read More

Did Sukkot inspire the first Thanksgiving?

Sukkot – The Harvest Holiday and Thanksgiving

Did the Jewish holiday of Sukkot inspire the first Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims may have borrowed the holiday from Sephardic Jews in Holland. Read More

pigeon in the sky

The Meaning of Yom Kippur

What is Yom Kippur? Why do we fast and seek atonement? What is the deeper meaning of this Jewish holiday? Read More

Challah Bread

More Honorable Mentions

When we announced our Kosher Recipe Contest winners, we inadvertently left out the following honorable mentions: Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill – Ecorebbe’s Shabbat Challah Nate Klarfeld – Klarfeld 100 Year Old Sponge Cake Sharon S. Cambier – Fish Cakes Beth E. … Read More


Cookbook Request!

Happy Tuesday everybody! I consider this website to be a collaboration with my blog readers, so I’d love to get your feedback. What dishes would you most like to see on Comment me and let me know!


Kosher Recipe Contest Winners

Thank you to everybody who entered our kosher recipe contest! We received many delicious entries, which made this a very difficult decision. I was very impressed with the quality of each and every dish.  Our three first place winners will … Read More

We all know that matzo is kosher for Passover. But what about kitniyot?

Chametz vs. Kitniyot

Learn the difference between chametz and kitniyot. Discover what foods Sephardic, Ashkenazi Jews prohibit and which foods are Kosher for Passover Read More

Making my Declaration of Faith (photo by Peter Halmagyi)

The Shiksa Is Jewish!

The Shiksa in the Kitchen’s conversion to Judaism. Read More

The Shiksa 2

1,000 Fans on Facebook!

The Shiksa Blog has surpassed 1,000 fans on Facebook! Thank you to all of my readers and subscribers for your support. In lieu of a blog today, let’s celebrate by talking about our favorite Jewish dishes– the foods that make … Read More

I'm storing my growing kitchen knife collection on a magnetic strip, like this one.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Knives, Part 2

A description of various kitchen cutlery brands, their benefits and weaknesses, and how to choose the right knives for you. Read More


Choosing the Right Kitchen Knives, Part 1

Cutlery can be confusing! Learn about the various types of kitchen knives to find out what you need, from paring to santoku to serrated and more. Read More

Planning a Kosher Meat Meal

Planning a Kosher Meat Meal

Tips and hints for planning a kosher meal with a meat entree – no dairy. Jewish cooking. Read More

Shabbat Candles

Shabbat Shalom

In our household, Erev Shabbat (the Eve of the Sabbath) is my favorite night of the week.  We usually spend the evening at home with family, and I like to cook a special meal for us to share. I always … Read More

Manischewitz is my Shiksa secret for making perfect fluffy matzo balls.

What Kind Of Matzo Balls Do You Prefer?

A discussion about matzo balls. Fluffy or dense, floaters or sinkers, which kind do you like? Passover, Matza Balls, Matzah Balls. Read More


The Power of Words

Discussing the word shiksa, the definition, the modern context, and reclaiming the word in order to redefine it. Read More

These latkes are a traditional Ashkenazi Jews dish.

Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic Cuisine

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the two major Jewish groups in the world– Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews.  These two groups have the same religious beliefs, but their cooking styles are quite different.  Ashkenazi foods might seem more … Read More


The Shiksa’s Kosher Primer

Learn the basics of keeping kosher and planning a kosher meal. Read More