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Farah Chicken

Farah’s Roast Chicken

Today’s chicken recipe was taught to me by our Persian Jewish friend Farah, though she stressed that it’s not a Persian dish. She learned this simple roasting method when she was living in Israel many years ago. I like to … Read More


Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup

It’s been a soupy few days here at The Shiksa Blog, so I thought I’d finish the week by sharing my “Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup” recipe with you.  I make this soup at least once a month.  For the Passover … Read More

This chicken stock is from my "Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup" recipe.

The Shiksa’s “Stock Secrets”

No, I’m not going to share my stock trading tips with you.  I have none.  The stock market is way too risky for this Shiksa.  I’m talking about chicken soup stock, of course! There is nothing so delicious on a … Read More

These are the simple ingredients used in my "Shiksa Brisket" recipe.

Slow Cooker Brisket

I promised yesterday that I would share one of my slow cooker brisket recipes with you, so here you go! This is a salty brisket (no sweetness in the sauce).  It’s super easy to make, just pop it in the … Read More