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The Levin Family in 1945 - back (left to right): Zalman, Yaffa, Aizik, Sara, Bella, Yankalla, Dov; front: Tzvi, Arieh, Safta Esther Malca holding Shlomo, Sabba Yitzhak

Uncle Dov’s Memoir: Polish Ashkenazi Food and Traditions (Part 1)

The Shiksa in the Kitchen explores Jewish food history in an old family memoir belonging to an Ashkenazi family from the Pinsk region of Poland. Read More


Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup

It’s been a soupy few days here at The Shiksa Blog, so I thought I’d finish the week by sharing my “Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup” recipe with you.  I make this soup at least once a month.  For the Passover … Read More

This chicken stock is from my "Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup" recipe.

The Shiksa’s “Stock Secrets”

No, I’m not going to share my stock trading tips with you.  I have none.  The stock market is way too risky for this Shiksa.  I’m talking about chicken soup stock, of course! There is nothing so delicious on a … Read More

These are the simple ingredients used in my "Shiksa Brisket" recipe.

Slow Cooker Brisket

I promised yesterday that I would share one of my slow cooker brisket recipes with you, so here you go! This is a salty brisket (no sweetness in the sauce).  It’s super easy to make, just pop it in the … Read More

Slicing the brisket I made for our Ashkenazi feast.

Let’s Talk Brisket

Last Friday, I helped prepare a traditional Ashkenazi feast with my friend Etti Hadar and her family. I’ll be blogging about the experience later this week, when I’ve had a chance to download all the pictures we took. A couple … Read More