Contest Giveaway – Welcome to Zabar’s Gift Box

Most of you know by now that I’ve partnered with Zabar’s, New York’s landmark gourmet superstore on the Upper West Side. I’m thrilled about being a part of the Zabar’s team, it is a truly special place with a fascinating history.

To celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway with Zabar’s this week. Check out this fun prize! (gotta love that world famous rugelach…)


Get a taste of Zabar’s with the Welcome to Zabar’s Gift Box. In the sweet Zabar’s keepsake box you’ll find a pound of Zabar’s Blend fresh roasted coffee (all purpose ground), Zabar’s own cinnamon rugelach, a Zabar’s coffee scoop, a Zabar’s mug, instructions on brewing the perfect cup, and a reusable canvas Zabar’s tote. All with love from NYC!

To win this fabulous prize, just comment on this post and let me know your favorite food item that Zabar’s sells (check the website if you need ideas). Your email address will be subscribed to the newsletter, which means you’ll receive their weekly emails with free recipes and special promotions. A winner will be chosen at random, and will be contacted via email. You can also “like” Zabar’s on Facebook and Twitter; just make sure you comment here directly on my blog (below) to be officially entered in the contest.

Contest starts today and ends on Friday at 5:00 PST. Please note that this prize can only be shipped within the US, and we cannot ship to P.O. boxes, A.P.O.s, or F.P.O.s. Winner will be notified via email and announced on my website as well as Zabar’s blog. Good luck!

P.S. I’ll be appearing live at Zabar’s later this month in a Rosh Hashanah cooking demonstration… details coming soon!

UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED! The winner is Steve L., whose comment was chosen by a contest randomizer. Here’s the winning comment!

“If you have not tried the Benedetto Cavalieri pasta from Zabar’s, you have not tried real pasta! This stuff straight from Puglia, is pasta perfection. I go for the elbow shapes every time!”

Congratulations Steve! Check out this Zabar’s post about the contest, and stay tuned for more fun giveaways! Zabar’s Announcement

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  1. deborah lindervall says:

    What? Pick only one? I guess , if I HAVE to, it would be bagels.

  2. Gilda Bullaro says:

    I love the Whitefish!

  3. Carol LeRoy says:

    Sooooooo jealous! Everything sounds so wonderful but I have never been to Zabars because I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Would they consider opening a branch in the Chicago area?

  4. Steve Korot says:

    Left the NY area 22 years ago and am at a lose when I try to find stuff like this….

  5. Robin Kaphan says:

    The lox all the way!

  6. Cynthia Sasaki says:

    Gotta love the smoked salmon at Zabar’s, Scotch smoked Nova… rye bread, then— it’s Blackout Cake for me.

  7. Patricia says:

    Wow what a find,my husband is Jewish and he has introduced me to a lot of Jewish foods,when I asked my mother in law for special recipes she said that most jewish foods were not healthy so she never did share any with me,my husbands memories of favorite foods came from his grandmother and greataunts,I have found many healthy and delicious recipes on my own too,my favorite indulgence is cinnamon rugelach with a great cupp of coffee,this contest really got my attention.Thank you fgor having it.

  8. Sarah N says:

    When we lived in NYC while husband was in grad school, I loved going into Zabar’s and just wandering in around. SO much yummy goodness in one place. I would have to say their cheese counter is my favorite.

  9. pam says:

    i love zabars deli mustard!

  10. Forgot to tell you how I love your posts and recipes .

  11. TJ says:

    I love their health salad, and babka

  12. Natalie says:

    CHEESE all of it…… cheese glorious cheese!!!!

  13. Gioia Rizzo says:

    I once drove all the way to New York on a Sunday morning for nothing more than a cup of coffee, some rugelach from Zabar’s, and a babka to take back home to Boston. It was worth the four-plus hour drive!

  14. Jill says:

    I lived on the upper west side of NY in the late 1980′s. I shopped at Zabars weekly. During the winter months Zabar’s Chicken Pot Pie was a Sunday evening special with a big green salad…all purchased from Zabars. LOVE IT! MISS IT!
    Shanah Tovah!!!
    Jill Idelman

  15. Kathryn Pfeffer says:

    Smoked salmon, white fish or a great bagel! Just so many options!!

  16. gail says:

    I’ve never been fortunate enough to have Zabars, I live in hopes of one day visiting the store.

  17. TAMMY says:


  18. Susan says:

    It HAS to be Zabar’s very own Novie Smoked Salmon. I was introduced to this wonderful delicacy (especially when combined with bagles and cream cheese) by my grandmother. Of all the wonderful textures and flavors she brought into my life, that is the one that brings her back to me, though she has been gone for 30 years.

  19. Ellen Bloomstein says:

    My favorite food that Zabars sells is their lobster salad…I don’t care WHAT it’s made out of!

  20. hannah says:

    Screw the ruglach, give me the lox!

  21. Elissa says:

    Babka and rugelach….mmmmm

  22. Ann says:

    I’m absolutely crazy about Parmigiano Reggiano. I’m already subscribed to their weekly newsletter!

    Thanks, Tori and best of luck with your cooking demonstration for Rosh Hashanah

  23. Allison says:

    Love the rugelach!!!!

  24. Charlie says:

    Both the chocolate & cinnamon rugelach, and as I always comment…the coffees; so good, I stopped using creamer and drink them black!

  25. Anya says:

    Definitely the rugelach and the preserves, like the Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread. And it’s organic!!!

  26. Francesca says:

    Chocolate rugelach, chocolate rueglach, chocolate rugelach.

  27. Zabars. Where you discover how good Jewish food can really be. ( sorry Bubbe but your strudel tasted like mothballs). Rugelach- any flavor, chocolate babka, lox and onion bagels, potato knishes, coffee, hot pastrami on marble rye with melted cheese and mustard, halvah. Sigh…stuck in Baltimore 3 hours away.

  28. Michelle Drayson says:

    I’ve always heard wonderful things about their fresh baked gourmet breads, but in addition, the bagels and the salmon sound fabulous…I could easily go nuts shopping there!

  29. Jeanmarie says:

    Dream about the Continental Roast coffee!!

  30. It would be their marbled halvah.

  31. Eileen Kontrovitz says:

    REAL New York bagels and lox.

  32. Ellen Horowitz says:

    Nova!! And bagels…which you cannot get in CT!

  33. Dani says:

    It’s gotta be the babka!

  34. Carol Esther says:

    Okay, I have never been there, but I have heard of them. And I just signed up to receive their catalog, and I can’t wait!!! I’m going to order some of their toasting bagels and kosher flavored coffee! Zabar’s for breakfast, YESSS!!!
    Thanks, Tori!!
    Love ya,

  35. SusyCS says:

    I haven’t visited Zabar’s, but rugelach is one of my favorite cookies, so winning this gift box would be a unique opportunity to try them!!! :)

  36. Ann Marie says:

    The cinnamon rugelach with a great cup of Zabar’s coffee is like heaven on any day of the week!

  37. Molly Shaw says:

    I haven’t had it in 6 or 7 years but the sable, whitefish, bialis and chopped liver I could live on!!! Oh so Good!!!!

  38. MArilyn Wilensky says:

    I live in North Carolina and I LOVE everything you have in the store!!!! The pastries are the “bomb” Please send me something and make me a winner. I can’t get there very often!

  39. Denise says:

    The knishes and the chocolate babkas…anything from the bakery!

  40. It’s the babka, no question. Do you have a great parve babka recipe?

  41. Suzanne says:

    Kasha knish or everything bagel. Tough choice.

  42. Angela Harris says:

    The Romano cheese is to ‘die for!!!”

  43. I’m gonna have to agree with everyone else! It’s gotta be the bagels and smoked salmon or whitefish!

  44. Virginia C says:

    My four basic food groups are Coffee, Chocolate, Cheese, and Cookies : ) Zabar’s offers all that good stuff plus breads, cakes, pickles, olives, deli meats, gift baskets and so much more. I should be able to count as high as the number of sensational selections at Zabar’s!!!

  45. Pati Clark says:

    Coffee …must have :)

  46. AnnieM says:

    The Israeli Couscous salad in delish. I make a special trip every time I’m in NY.

  47. Rachel Rabinowitz says:

    Smoked sable and belly lox always makes my tummy happy!

  48. Monika says:

    Too much to choose from! I Love breads,best in city and best coffe I ever drink come from You Guys!When i comming back to Brooklyn with 6 lb of coffe ,subway car smell like coffe shop!lOVE tHAT SMELL!!!!

  49. Kim Bee says:

    *loud sobbing from the sad Canuck*

  50. Cindy says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure to try any of Zabars food, but the babka, rugelach, and bagels all have my mouth watering!

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