Caption Contest – Marley’s Hungry!


This is my dog Marley during a recent backyard barbecue (yes, my dog is awesome!). Write a caption for this photo in the comments section for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate to The Shiksa Market, my online market launching soon! The Shiksa Market will feature some of my favorite food products, including hard-to-find gourmet items and organic products from around the world. I will also be offering unique food history books and cookbooks, kitchenware, gift baskets, Shiksa in the Kitchen branded apparel and more. Details coming soon!

To enter the contest, just write a caption for this photograph at the end of this blog post. Be sure to include a correct email address in the email box so we can contact you if you win. Enter by Friday, August 5 at 5:00pm PST. Winner will be announced when the contest ends. Good luck!

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  1. Ina Gross says:

    Oww,oww oww! Hot grill!!!! That’s what I get for trying to clean it off.

  2. Leslie says:

    Where’s the beef? Found it!

  3. Marianne DeLano says:

    So if I act sleepy they will leave me alone and I can steal. Opps, can’t steal, that’s one of the commandments. How many am I breaking now? Am I honoring my mother and father? Only if I don’t steal or slobber on those darn kabobs. Opps, well I didn’t really swear. I’m staring so hard I’m coveting – breaking two commandments. I didn’t murder the chickens – so I didn’t break that one either. Coveting, mom and dad, stealing??? Hey, they are kosher, so all’s good. Where is that stick when you need it? Oh yeah, in the middle of the kabob. Please, please, please throw me a stick. Woof!

  4. rhonda Shapiro/Hedgar says:

    Oy vey, aren’t they ready yet!!!

  5. Kita says:

    Forget the bean recipe, Doug! I want those!

  6. Jeana says:

    Y-A-W-N, I’ll pretend that I don’t notice that my dinner is ready and strike when they go inside for the plates and drinks. I hope they remember the veggies. A dog must have a well balanced diet!

  7. Hilary Moskowitz says:

    Ema, you can’t eat those shish-kabobs, they’re not Kosher! Why don’t I take ‘em out to the “trash” for you!

  8. Dawn says:

    “Smile. Look cute. When they walk away, those ‘bobs’ are mine!”

  9. Carol Esther says:

    Oi!! Kosher dog food! Essen!

  10. Rick Isaak says:

    “Could we play fetch with THAT?”

  11. Rick Isaak says:

    Pavlov’s Barbecue

  12. Sara Megan Kay says:

    BBQ…Dog’s best friend

  13. Sara Megan Kay says:

    Pavlov’s Barbecue

  14. cj88 says:

    “Good thing this isn’t China – otherwise it could be me on there!!” (woof, woof)

  15. cj88 says:

    “what? no hot dogs?? discrimination!”


    “does it come with melamine on the side?”

  16. Claire Harvey says:

    “Diets begin tomorrow”

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  18. Kathryn Pfeffer says:

    Happy! Hungry! Happy! Hungry! (sitting quietly) Happy! Hungry!

  19. Jackie Bridwell says:

    I’m really tired of waiting…LET’S EAT!

  20. Pat D says:

    If I just pretend to be casual they will be ALL mine…

  21. Debra Biller Finucane says:

    I’m tired of waiting for one to hit the floor.

  22. Diana Long says:

    I have a caption for you:

    “Hmmmm…I think I’ll feign disinterest…that is UNTIL they are not looking!”

  23. JERI says:


  24. wendy says:

    fresh from a nap in the sun and ready to switch on the sad puppy eyes! it will all be mine!!!

  25. Chris Alexander says:

    “Don’t tease me, bro!”

  26. Kristin Adams says:

    How long do I have to say ahh before they throw me one of those shish kabobs?

  27. David Olsher says:

    Give me a napkin! You don’t expect me to grab one with my paws, do you???

  28. ala says:

    They tried me to eat not kosher meat,and I said no,no,no!

  29. Rita Scribner says:

    Six kebobs, Shiskabobs – don’t taunt me!

  30. Jacqueline D. says:

    “Okay, so you can go ahead and give me my share now; then I think I’ll take a nice nap.”

  31. Gina says:

    “You are getting sleepy…” *Yawning* “Wait wait, what was I sayin’? Oh yeah, You are getting sleepy…”

  32. Sivana says:

    Should I ask for a Shiska bob or a Shish Ka Bob?!

  33. Rhett Berger says:

    Yay! Shiksabobs!

  34. Kathe Baud says:

    Look, look how wide I can open my mouth, so one of those will fit, no problem!

  35. Rose says:

    “Killer Dog” takes a break…waits for the coast to clear, then gets ready to pounce.

  36. Kim Borg says:

    Just go back inside for a second…I’ll keep an eye on them!

  37. Danielle says:

    “We are all smiles when it comes to Kosher bar-b-cues!”

  38. Janet Martin says:

    Finally, I can do it my way. A Marley kabob, it’s better than a Big Mac.

  39. Diane Lierman says:

    I said “Not fit for human consumption” only for me!

  40. Charlotte Rich says:

    just when I go on a diet they bring out the good stuff

  41. David Traub says:

    It’s okay Mom! I’m watching ‘em for you, don’t worry, nobody’s gonna get near them. Oh yeah, there safe here with me, yup, safe. I’m not even looking at ‘em.

  42. Sharon says:

    “Scooby snacks on a stick????” If I only had thumbs…;)

  43. Tracy Collins says:

    Yawn!..I’m not interested…PROMISE!

  44. Sunny says:

    I said back away from the kabobs and no one gets hurt!

  45. Arlene Kern says:

    My mommy made them …they’re called shiksabobs…

  46. Pat Rutter says:

    Is that me or my stomach growling?

  47. James Lindley says:

    Just wait till your back’s turned. Those kabobs are mine!

  48. Jean says:

    “okay, do you think they think im bored enough to turn away so I can grab them NOW!!!!

  49. nicki coronado says:

    I love barbeque THIS much!

  50. Diana M Cook says:

    Oh gosh, there she goes again another temptation, hmm. Here she goes again, those so perfect bobbies,, . Stop! I need to focus on my will power, she can be such the tease–the sniff fest and food fantasy is on- I will show her will power! I can manage my waistline!

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