Cookbook Request!

Happy Tuesday everybody! I consider this website to be a collaboration with my blog readers, so I’d love to get your feedback. What dishes would you most like to see on Comment me and let me know!

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Category: Off the Menu

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  1. Dan says:

    I really like the vegetarian recipes you’ve posted, more Sephardi style healthy food would be great.

  2. Amy says:

    More kugel recipes– yum! And some new ways to make matzo brigh. And boorekas (sp?), an Israeli friend made them for me once and they were deeeeelicious.

  3. ruthieS1960 says:

    Love enerything you’ve made so far. If you have more recipes like the ones on your blog I’ll be buying copies for my whole family! Would love a great knish recipe too.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Latkes! I know they’re for Hanukah but they’re my fave. =)

  5. GillyGirl says:

    Just imagining the answer to this question is making me hungry! Let’s see. Blintzes, brisket with tzimmes, chicken schnitzel, chopped liver, and some flourless desserts for Pesach. I saw all the responses on Facebook, they made me even hungrier! Can’t wait for your cookbook!

  6. Susan Yeager says:

    i think i’d like to learn to make kreplach

  7. Diane Cohn says:

    Fish recipes please! I’m growing bored of our weekly broiled salmon. I’d also like to learn a Middle Eastern cholent, our cholent is a family Polish recipe and it’s very heavy. Wondering if a Middle Eastern one would be lighter.

  8. Kym Burkhard says:

    I would like to know how to make prune danishes.

  9. Lisa Myers says:

    Chicken Shawarma is fabulous!!

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